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WIM-Traffic control system for monitoring road safety

On the highway trucks can be automatically diverted, weighed and then measured. At the specified maximum speed of 30 km/h (HHB01), an accuracy of ± 1 percent is guaranteed. Weight and/or the executive authority decide whether the weighed vehicle is checked more closely - or immediately reintroduced into flowing traffic.


Project Schrick

Traffic control station on the Austrian A5 northern freeway near Schrick.
A system for monitoring traffic safety by the Austrian executive.

The traffic control station near Schrick opened in the fall of 2018 and is equipped with specially developed HHB01 and HHB02 truck scales (in addition to the latest technical inspection systems) that capture weight while the vehicle drives across them.
In the lane heading in the direction of Vienna, vehicles are diverted completely electronically, trucks are measured – length – height – width – and then weighed. Dynamic axle load scales can be driven over at speeds of up to 30 km/h. Weight readings are accurate to within 1%.
The weight displayed for all axles and the visual impression determine whether the weighed vehicle will be stopped and inspected more closely, or immediately returned to the flow of traffic. This is done automatically.

The system consists of

  •  Electronic diverting system
  • Stationary scales for dynamically measuring several aspects of vehicle weight
  • Dynamic determination of maximum and axle loads
  • Weighing of special transport vehicles, automatic selection/classification/license plate detection. Photo documentation of the vehicle and real-time transmission of legally verified weighing results to data processing
  • Equipment for measuring vehicle height, width, and length"

For applications at conventional traffic control stations, three scales are currently needed, which could all be replaced by ONE HHB01.
Currently there is one non-legally verified dynamic pre-selection scale (with an accuracy of 10% to 15%), which the executive uses to divert vehicles out of the flow of traffic. Then there is a legally verified axle load scale (max. passage speed 5 to 6 km/h) and a legally verified weighing bridge (vehicle comes to a stop). With our automated weighing system, the requirements of the EU Directive 2015/719 (implemented in Austrian national law by the Motor Vehicle Law §101, which takes effect on 27 May 2021) can be met in full.


The monitoring station on the A5 freeway offers a complex option for the monitoring required by the EU:

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 96/53/EC of 25 July 1996/ Amended by DIRECTIVE (EU) 2015_719 of 29 April 2015/ Proposal for amending by the European Commission of 17 May 2018 - for determining certain road vehicles circulating within the Community the maximum authorised dimensions in national and international traffic and the maximum authorised weights in international traffic.
(Normal vehicle scales are out of the question!)

Due to the certification (approval and legal verification) of the specially developed and patented vehicle scales, the institutions of public safety and traffic monitoring are authorized to apply sanctions when violations of the directives are identified.

These scales can improve the structural and functional aspects of innovations in the transportation system. This increases the performance of traffic monitoring sites in the field of heavy truck weight enforcement, while also saving resources (consolidating pre-screening and legal weighing to save space and costs; reducing transit times and resource needs).


  • Increased inspection frequency
    Weighing is performed while driving, with real-time electronic recording of measured values
  • Dynamic determination of maximum loadsand axle loads
    in any weather, any season
  • Protects roadway surfaces
    incorrectly or excessively loaded vehicles damage road surfaces
  • Automatic selection, classification, and license plate detection
  • Photo documentation 
    of the vehicle and real-time transmission of the legally verified weighing results to data processing
  • Compact, robust system
    fully automatic with simple controls 

The first dynamic scales officially approved for verification and measurement
Passage speeds of up to 30 km/h, at a measurement tolerance of +/- 1% !!!

Dynamic axle and total weight scale, developed in-house, LEGALLY VERIFIABLE, with PATENT and APPROVAL!


Scale manufacturers who work with dynamic SCALES cannot reach our current level of technology for the following reasons:
Conventional dynamic scales = lower speeds (max. 5–6 km/h passage speed) Dynamic scales with piezo electronics = lower accuracy, no legal verification approval.