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HHB areas of application

Weighing without loss of time: Already at the entrance the vehicle is automatically weighed on the verified scale as soon as they arrive. This means that the verified real weight is available immediately upon arrival. These dynamic scales offer valuable opportunities to optimize your process and business cases.


WIM-Traffic control system for monitoring road safety

On the highway rucks can be automatically diverted, weighed and then measured. At the specified maximum speed of 30 km/h (HHB01), an accuracy of ± 1 percent is guaranteed. Weight and/or the executive authority decide whether the weighed vehicle is checked more closely - or immediately reintroduced into flowing traffic.

-> Project Schrick, Highway A5 (Austria)

The real weight of the truck can be used as a basis for the toll calculation.


Immediately upon crossing the border, the vehicle's data is recorded.


Due to the weighing the previously transmitted data can be verified at the entrance. Exit weighing ensures that country-specific legal requirements are fulfilled and observed.


Our scales prevent overloading, or unequal loading of the ferry and can be used for tariff calculation.


The knowledge of the real weight of incoming vehicles is the basis for the further disposition of the loads.


The real weight of the incoming vehicle is immediately available.


We are looking forward to create an individual weighing concept for your application!
Of course, our extensive range offers other weighing systems and software required for a complete system, such as weighbridges or portable scales for the rapid, location-independent weighing of vehicles and much more.