A patented – automatic – verification-approved dynamic road truck scale for dynamically checking overloaded vehicles, with automatic selection and classification that determines the total mass and/or axle load of road trucks driving across the scale.

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The dynamic weighbridge

The dynamic road truck scale can be driven over at a speed of up to 30 km/h. The weight readings are accurate to within 1%.

The legally verified weighing result can be transmitted in real time to a connected data-processing system. Hardware and software are networked. The scales incorporate various types of hardware (structural elements, mechanics, electronic measuring systems) and software.

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These scales represent an improvement in the structural and functional aspects of innovations in the transportation system. This also increases the efficiency of traffic control stations in the field of heavy truck weight enforcement, while also saving resources (consolidation of pre-screening and legal weighing to save space and costs; reduction of passage times and personnel requirements).


In addition, studies at the Vienna University of Technology and BAST (German Federal Highway Research Institute) have also shown that structural damage to roadbeds and surfaces is caused by vehicle axle loads that exceed the limits.

This reduces the service life of the road surface and roadbeds, and in extreme cases can lead to warranty claims against the road operator due to unforeseen higher maintenance requirements.

The quality of the road operator’s infrastructure drops below the guaranteed level prematurely, due to the ongoing failure of third parties to remain with weight restrictions.

A system incorporating HHB01 and HHB02 dynamic road truck scales has been used successfully since September 2018 on the A5 northern freeway in Schrick, Austria.

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Facts & figures

5-35 km/h

passage speed, automatic overload detection

+/- 1%


Up to 50 t

maximum load