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HHB Gewichtsblitzer (weight flasher) -

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Automation and digitalisation for dynamic weighing
NEW complement for our Systems HHB01 and HHB02 which are able for verification and can be used 24 hours a day for automatic weighing. Vehicles which are overloaded or have too high axle pressure are recorded. The collected data, vehicle type and license plate number are transmitted electronically to the nearest vehicle control center, or the vehicle is immediately diverted for closer examination by the Executive.

  • Installation of a high speed WIM System including classification

  • The system detects automatically vehicles with focus on overload

  • By using overhead traffic signs/arrows selected vehicles are detected out from traffic-flow on a branch line

  • On the branch line the weight is determined with HHB01 or HHB02 scales with legal verification. In case of moverloaded the vehicle is either controlled directly or the recorded data is automatically forwarded by means of the „Gewichtsblitzer” – Weight flasher


Flexibility and service are our strengths - we are looking forward to create an individual weighing concept for your application!

HHB sensor technology for higher speeds

With our high-quality sensor technology, a targeted preselection can be made quickly - each application is configured individually. The respective configurations are suitable for the speed range of 3 - 130 km/h (not calibratable). 
In the best case, you will achieve the following measurement accuracies: